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Chuteiras Retro Kit 2.0 Black Gold

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RM 55.20
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RM 55.20
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RM 69.00

The Chuteiras Retro kit is a celebration of our return after a significant hiatus, marking our first kit in years. Specifically designed for futsal enthusiasts, this kit combines style and functionality to enhance your playing experience.

The color scheme of black gold not only exudes a sense of vibrancy but also pays homage to retro aesthetics. The inclusion of these colors creates a visually appealing and distinctive look that sets the Chuteiras Retro Stripes kit apart.

Crafted from a lightweight 185 gm microfibre eyelet fabric, the kit prioritizes comfort and breathability. The microfibre eyelet construction ensures proper ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable during fast-paced futsal matches. This fabric choice is tailored to the unique demands of futsal, providing the flexibility and ease of movement essential for the game.

Whether you're a seasoned futsal player or just getting started, the Chuteiras Retro Stripes kit offers a perfect blend of style and functionality. Step onto the futsal court with confidence, knowing that you're equipped with a kit designed for both performance and aesthetics. Enjoy the game in comfort and style with this carefully crafted futsal kit.

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