• Desporte Tessa Light iD2 Ltd

    Limited to 250 pairs

    10PM 28 June 2024

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  • One of the lightest in the market

    Joma Cancha 2322

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  • Flexibility & Durability at its Finest

    New Release

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  • Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Desporte shoes with a special limited edition!

    Swanky colorways with brand new clear soles make you play with flair.

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  • Quality Touch Control

    We want to arm you with lightweight, low to the ground shoes that have excellent fit, superior ball control and barefoot like touch. And we want to provide you with fashionable sportswear that`s lightweight, comfortable and functional.

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Choose Your Trainer Like A PRO

Lightweight, thick outsole, Kleather, whats your preference?

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