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Joma Regate Rebound 2104

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RM 245.65
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RM 245.65
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RM 289.00

Maximum cushioning thanks to the Bound Reactive phylon insert in the mid-sole. This shoe shares the comfort and maximum breathability features of the first version. The stitching is made of microfiber, nylon and TPU inserts on the nylon to protect against rubbing. In addition, it is constructed with inner nylon to keep the foot stable on the sole. Includes toe reinforcement for toe striking. The insole is made of micro TPU and 2 mm natural EVA platform. The mid-sole is made with double density phylon, the upper part is firmer to provide stability and the lower part is made with the new Bound Reactive technology. The sole is made of excellent quality rubber and DIN-70 abrasion.

  • Micro-fabric, nylon line and TPU
  • Plantilla
  • EVA shank
  • Double phylon midsole with REACTIVE BALL
  • Rubber sole
  • Reinforced toe
  • 242 gr weight
  • Court: flat or parquet
  • Sole with DIN-70 abrasion