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Joma Top Flex Rebound 'Ferrao Edition'

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RM 296.65
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RM 296.65
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RM 349.00

Joma launches a once only special edition for Ferrao from one of their top range footsal shoes, the Top Flex Rebound.

In homage to Ferrao, the world’s best indoor football player, Joma has once again launched a special design for one of its Top Flex Rebound shoes, the most iconic one from their futsal range. This exclusive shoe has the most cutting-edge technology of the brand.

The Joma player was present during the creative process for the Top Flex Rebound by Ferrao and worked directly with the design team at Joma.  To achieve the best personalised shoe, it is essential to get feedback from the professional that is going to use it in order to include all the benefits. This is why, at Joma, we carry out all the stages in an open and collaborative way.

A design that won’t go unnoticed

The design of the Top Flex Rebound by Ferrao won’t go unnoticed. The pristine white of the leather is accompanied by detail in blue, green and yellow, the colours of the player’s country of birth, Brazil. These are arranged in a striking way, resulting in a completely updated and modern shoe.

The logo for this collection is personalised by Ferrao and features on the upper part of the tongue, an area that is very visible.  In contrast, the Joma logo appears in blue on the side of the shoe.

The technology of the Top Flex Rebound by Ferrao

The technical features of the Top Flex Rebound by Ferrao offer maximum cushioning, with the inclusion of the REACTIVE BALL technology in the midsole. Along with the higher density in the upper part of the midsole, this makes way for the FULL DUAL PULSOR double cushioning technology.  As for the style, the leather features the VTS ventilation system.

Currently, Joma is the strongest brand in the futsal  market, thanks to the support of great federations and teams of hundreds of professional players, like Ferrao, the best in the world.